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Professional custom wheel installations

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Whether you want track-ready deep wells for the drag strip or a clean low-profile look with 30" dubs, Total Customs has the wheel selection to fit your taste and ride.

Dinged, dented, and cracked wheels are an unfortunate reality. Total Customs' technicians boast years of experience and have specialized knowledge in repairing aftermarket and OEM wheels for all makes and models.

Professional wheel repair

OEM, ATV, and 4x4 wheels available

Total Customs specializes in OEM and aftermarket all-terrain wheels alike. Whether your vehicle requires factory wheel replacement or you'd like to upgrade your 4x4 or ATV with a premium set of wheels, you'll find a huge selection of styles and colors at our store.

  • Velocity

  • Dub

  • Phino

  • Versante

  • Dcenti

  • Hostile

  • Diablo

  • RBP

  • Fuel Wheels

  • Ruff Racing

  • Barghini and more